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The platform for IIoT scenarios

i4connected provides modules for remote monitoring, SCADA, for maintenance, analysis and energy management. These modules can be combined for the specific application and additional i4connected smart services can be used.

i4connected – the platform for IIoT scenarios

With the advancing digitalisation and the networking of machines, plants and buildings, new business processes, new business models and new work environments are emerging. The Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) platform from WEBfactory, i4connected, provides modules for remote monitoring, SCADA, for maintenance, analysis and energy management. These modules can be combined for the specific application and additional i4connected smart services can be used.

From sensor to visualisation with one click

i4connected is connected online to subordinate systems, such as PLC systems, measuring systems and sensors, and it transfers the data almost in real time. Via freely-definable forms the software calculates and updates KPIs immediately after new data arrives. For display and evaluation i4connected offers clearly laid-out dashboards concerning consumption, availability, quality, energy and status.

Process-optimisation through back-end integration

i4connected combines business ideas from your back-end applications, such as MES, ERP or CMMS, with real time data from the process and stored business rules – thus actions can be triggered and processes can be optimised.

Early warning system provides information worldwide

The platform records technical and business information of the connected devices and sensors. On this basis i4connected generates analyses to initiate measures, trigger warnings and compare use trends. If i4connected identifies deviations, the early warning system sends warnings via email, SMS, and messaging services, like Twilio or WhatsApp.

Personalised operation

The i4connected user interface is programmed completely in HTML5 and optimised for use of touch screens with gesture control. Every user can conveniently create his own personal user interface with just a few mouse clicks, and release it for other users. Thus all employees can complete their daily tasks in the shortest time possible.

Flexible and individually extensible

Modern architecture, defined and documented interfaces, as well as the i4connected modular concept – all of this permits an easy integration of the extensions desired.

Individual smart service portal

WEBfactory designs the entire user interface by adapting the CSS directly in the customer CI. Thus i4connected becomes a completely individual smart service portal.

Optimised for low TCO

i4connected can be operated on-premises or in the cloud depending on the application and available resources, for a low TCO. If required WEBfactory integrates the platform in a cluster environment. With available data compression methods, i4connected stores only useful and meaningful data. This reduces the required storage space, keeps network traffic low, and increases overall performance.

From our different license models the customer can choose the license model that best fits his business model – and the customer benefits from a low TCO over the entire life-cycle.

Maximum scalability and performance

i4connected can be operated on-premises in a visualised environment, as well as in a private or public cloud. Specific processes can be distributed to different nodes for maximum scalability and performance.

Fail-safe and high-availability

To make i4connected fail-safe and high-availability, the Microsoft SQL database can be operated as a database cluster; the application server and web server can be operated in a Windows cluster or in any other high-availability infrastructure.

Proof of concept in just a few days

Given the fast-growing IIoT market, the ability to evaluate new applications and business models in a short period of time is an advantage for customers. i4connected makes this possible with no risk whatsoever and without larger investments – with a proof of concept within a few days.

Roll-out is possible at any time

We always provide the proof of concept with real data and under real conditions – in the event of success we can very quickly prepare the worldwide roll-out and execute it together with you in the shortest time possible.

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